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Movies About Fashion Industry

movies about fashion industry

    fashion industry
  • Fashion, a general term for the style and custom prevalent at a given time, in its most common usage refers to costume or clothing style.

  • apparel industry: makers and sellers of fashionable clothing

  • A conspiratorial organization that is hell bent on forcing women of size to wear frumpy clothing, and to promote anorexia by utilizing uber-skinny models.

  • Movies@ Ltd. is a cinema chain in the Republic of Ireland. The company opened its first multiplex cinema at the Dundrum Town Centre on 1 October 2005, with 12 screens.

  • A movie theater

  • (movie) a form of entertainment that enacts a story by sound and a sequence of images giving the illusion of continuous movement; "they went to a movie every Saturday night"; "the film was shot on location"

  • Motion pictures generally or the motion-picture industry

  • A story or event recorded by a camera as a set of moving images and shown in a theater or on television; a motion picture

  • A film, also called a movie or motion picture, is a story conveyed with moving images. It is produced by recording photographic images with cameras, or by creating images using animation techniques or visual effects. The process of filmmaking has developed into an art form and industry.

movies about fashion industry - Entertainment Industry:

Entertainment Industry: The Business of Music, Books, Movies, TV, Radio, Internet, Video Games, Theater, Fashion, Sports, Art, Merchandising, Copyright, Trademarks & Contracts

Entertainment Industry: The Business of Music, Books, Movies, TV, Radio, Internet, Video Games, Theater, Fashion, Sports, Art, Merchandising, Copyright, Trademarks & Contracts

The entertainment industry is a multi-billion dollar business that showcases the work, services, talent, and creativity of a cross-section of the international workforce. The modern entertainment industry is the convergence of the business of music, books, movies, television, radio, Internet, video games, theater, fashion, sports, art, merchandising, copyright, trademarks, and contracts. Employment opportunities abound in this vibrant, eclectic and exciting universe – open to anyone willing to learn and work diligently with creative enthusiasm. To be on the cutting edge of this ever-changing industry, one must possess an in-depth knowledge of the many areas that converge to form modern show business. Entertainment lovers of all ages will enjoy this engaging overview of an evolving industry; from its basic and traditional roots to today’s exciting technological innovations that rapidly and constantly influence the entertainment we enjoy. Experience a fascinating and enthralling odyssey while exploring dozens of artistic disciplines that can lead to success in the international entertainment field. A spotlight shines on a variety of business options, specific endeavors, crucial information, general knowledge, detailed advice, and the art of negotiating entertainment agreements. Discover the different types of jobs and careers available in the entertainment industry and the effective tools used to produce & market products. Learn the fundamental and essential provisions of publishing & intellectual property, including! deal-making and standard contracts used by professionals in the entertainment industry. ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY is the second in a series of books dealing with the entertainment business by author, musician, radio host, entertainment lawyer, and historian Mark Vinet. It offers an in-depth study and detailed analysis of the diverse, colorful, and creative art forms that fill the leisure and recreational time of North Americans. This book contains the author’s personal entertainment industry rules, tenets, advice, principles, opinions, philosophies, and concepts developed over a thirty-year career in show business as an artist, musician, writer, performer, businessman, manager, and entertainment/copyright lawyer.

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perfection is deception {please click and read below!}

perfection is deception {please click and read below!}

i know the photo isnt to great,
but i did it to go along with this essay that me and my sister wrote.

so please read it below, and tell me your thoughts, did u like it? agree? or disagree? :]

“In nature nothing is perfect and everything is perfect. Trees can be contorted, bent in weird ways and they are still beautiful.” - Alice Walker So why cant the fashion and beauty industry realize the truth in these words. When you flip the pages in a magazine what do you see? You see the images of perfect people., but what you see are lies. The people you see in magazines, ads, on billboard and most advertising are made up by experts and are extremely photo shopped. So no wonder our perception of beauty is distorted. When normal people, such as teenagers, see these perfect images it lowers their self-esteem and confidence. I am writing this to persuade these industries to show more realistic images and to persuade people to stop believing everything they see.
Most girls with low self-esteem feel their appearance does not measure up, including not feeling pretty enough, thin enough, or stylish enough. Fifty-seven percent of all girls have a mother who criticize her own looks. These thoughts are brought on by the world they live in. In magazines , ads, movies, and on television we see the perfect people. Girls are constantly comparing themselves to these so called idols. What they are seeing though are people made to look this way, Barbie's. Trying to look like these super humans lowers their self-esteem. It is not possible to look this perfect. Seventy-five percent of girls with low self-esteem reported engaging in negative activities such as, eating disorders, cutting, bullying, smoking, and drinking when feeling badly about themselves. This shows that the fashion and beauty industries are effecting teens in negative ways, and its time to change.
The fashion and beauty industries need to get rid of the perfect image, because no one is perfect. It is hurting many young people across the world. Real people of all shapes, sizes, and color need to be shown. They also need to be closer to their natural state, to show every person is beautiful in their own way. Nobody has the right to tell us what is and what is'nt beautiful. The people now and the people of the future need to love their bodies and stop trying to change it with all the many beauty products and cosmetic surgeries . If we start stopping body and self image hate the fashion and beauty industries will learn to follow and accept all different types of beauty.
It only takes one person to stop, look in the mirror and say, “ I am beautiful ” and truly mean it. Because in the end other peoples opinions really don’t matter. You need to love you.

Ruffa Host of TV5 Star Factor Premieres 12Sept2010

Ruffa Host of TV5 Star Factor Premieres 12Sept2010

Ruffa's own FASHION SHOW every Sunday since 2007.

Ruffa Gutierrez Scores Another Hosting Gig
TV5 Reality-Based Talent Search Star Factor

Airing in September 2010, Star Factor will be hosted by actress-host-model Ruffa Gutierrez, who herself is the epitome of what stardom is all about. Not only will she serve as a role model for the show’s would-be contestants, she will be a big sister, mentor and friend to them as well.

Aside from the young showbiz aspirants who will be undergoing various challenges to prove their rightful claim to stardom, Star Factor also showcases a panel of judges who are experts in the field of show business and who all have the eye for true star potential.
The Star Makers (Star Factor’s panel of judges) are composed of acclaimed stage actor and director and Talent 5 head Audie Gemora as the chairman, with multi-awarded writer and director Joey Reyes, photographer of the stars Raymond Isaac, maestro of Philippine music Mr. Ryan Cayabyab, and popular talent manager Ms. Annabelle Rama.

Photo:Ruffa Hosting Paparazzi May2010
Ruffa's Stylist: Bea Constantino

Sharmaine Ruffa Rama Gutierrez joined Show Business in 1986 at the age of 13. In 2010, she signed a 3-year contract with TV5 as Talk Show Host and for Acting Role projects. She is also active in Films and has completed one movie project this year. A former Beauty Queen in the Philippines, Miss World 1993 second princess and Elite Model Look participant, she is the daughter of celebrity couple Eddie Gutierrez and Annabelle Rama. She is the Co-Founder and Vice President of Royale Artists Management since 1995. Ruffa has been in the Entertainment Industry for over 20 years and has a proven track record to be highly professional and excellent collaborator.

2010 TV Host / Star Factor / TV5
2010 Acting Role / 5 Star Specials / TV5
2010-present Talent Judge / Talentadong Pinoy / TV5
2010-present TV Host / Paparazzi / TV5
2009 TV Host / Ruffa and Ai Show / ABS-CBN
2009-2010 Acting Role / I Love Betty La Fea / USA Canada TFC
2008-2009 Acting Role / I Love Betty La Fea / ABS-CBN
2007-2010 TV Host / The Buzz / ABS-CBN
2007 Acting Role / Kokey / ABS-CBN
2007 TV Host / Philippines’ Next Top Model / Solar TV
1987-2003 held various television projects regularly

2010 Working Girls
2009 Shake, Rattle & Roll XI
2008 Desperadas I, My Monster Mom and Desperadas II
1987-2003 (completed over 50 movies)

movies about fashion industry

movies about fashion industry

Valentino: The Last Emperor

A critically acclaimed look into the life and times of legendary fashion designer Valentino. The film documents the colorful and dramatic closing act of the fashion icons celebrated career, tells the story of his extraordinary life and work, and also explores the larger themes affecting the fashion business today. But at the heart of the film is the unique relationship between Valentino and his business partner and companion of 50 years, Giancarlo Giammetti.

Every iconic fashion designer deserves his or her own documentary, as it's a chance for the public to consider careers dedicated to making and breaking trends. Lagerfeld Confidential released in 2007, the same year Valentino Garavani saw his museum retrospective at Rome's Ara Pacis. Where was Valentino's film? Not to fear, as director Matt Tyrnauer was there with the camera, whether Valentino liked it or not, documenting his retrospective events and the chaos leading up to them. Valentino: The Last Emperor details this 77-year old icon's history, though it focuses, rather too heavily, on the bonanza surrounding the retrospective and the label's takeover that Valentino and partner, Giancarlo Giammetti, built over a fifty-year stretch. That said, Valentino is a fascinating interview subject whether he is talking about sequined gowns, dressing Jackie Kennedy, corporate takeover, or his five pugs, who star alongside him in the film. Watching this film, one gets pugs in diamond earrings, pugs riding jets, pugs passed out in an alpine mountain house. Valentino leads Lagerfeld around like old pals, to examine his renowned body of work. Women crouch around models sewing and cutting, and hair and makeup teams fly through rooms, apparition-like before the camera lens. The film isn't lacking for glamour, and if one is in the mood for a little Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, then Valentino will satisfy tenfold.
Interview footage of the man himself and Mr. Giammetti in action--at editorial meetings, directing seamstresses, backstage before runway shows--gives a good glimpse into what these two men have spent the past 50 years doing. As Valentino says when repeatedly badgered about his retirement date, he's only taken three- to four-day holidays, and rarely, since his business exploded in 1968. He and Giammetti stroll down Via Veneto, where they reminisce about meeting and about La Dolce Vita. And one does learn about Valentino's early inspirations, such as Ziegfield Girl. There are a few short vintage footage clips of Valentino and his ladies, but the film would be so much stronger if there were more. In fact, one barely gets to view Valentino's haute couture, in scenes during retrospective events. The documentary's drama relies solely on Valentino, the charismatic tornado, rather than dwelling on his styles, probably as it should be. --Trinie Dalton

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